Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Big Brother 2011 winner: Aaron Allard

After a nine-week run of mixed reviews and disappointing viewing figures Aaron Allard was crowned   winner of Big Brother 2011

But it wasn't exactly a typical final for the reality show as Aaron walked down the stairs to a crowd that booed him rather than cheer him on.

But this wasn't such a shock to the 30-year-old as he had heard the jeering crowd earlier on in the night and as he prepared to leave the famous house as the winner kept saying, 'Why do they hate me?'

Saturday, 15 October 2011


It was a winning night for the bookmakers for a change as 1-7 favourite to be evicted, Anton Murphy, was saved by the public.
Anton was backed in from 1-2 to just 1-7 when the voting closed, but was saved at the expense of 4-1 outsider, Aden Theobald

"We took money for Anton all week, the public were convinced he was going, and with 90% of the money going his way we are celebrating one of the best eviction results of all time," said Coral spokesman Gary Burton.
Alex Lee remains the odds-on 8-11 favourite to win outright, with three times nominations night survivor, Aaron Allard, next at 4-1.
8-11 Alex, 4-1 Aaron, 6-1 Jay, 10-1 Harry, 16-1 Faye, 25-1 Louise, 40-1 Tom, 100-1 Anton, Jemma,

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Louise Cliffe: The full topless sexy scene

This is the FULL uncut scene of Louise Cliffe topless in the movie Wrong Turn 3. The scene begins with her and a female friend wondering into a secluded spot in the woods. Louise takes off her top to reveal her breasts and do some sunbathing. 'You're such an exhibitionist,' her friend says. 'So what,' says Louise.

A guy comes along and Louise straddles him. 'Do you think I'm a slut', she asks. 'Yes,' he replies and begins to fondle her boobs. Unfortunately there's a sticky ending.... watch the video above. 

To watch the full video CLICK HERE

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Maisy evicted

Maisy James has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother.
The Abercrombie and Fitch store model left the house, leaving rival Faye to last another week.
The 19-year-old, from Bromley, Kent, is the second contestant to leave the show this week, after Mark Henderson quit on Wednesday, saying he had had enough of being filmed and being "trapped".
As Maisy left, a new housemate was due to join the remaining contestants in the latest twist in the Channel 5 show.
Maisy left to a positive reception from the audience, shouting "I love you" as she was cheered and clapped.
The newcomer to the house was revealed as Faye's older sister, former WWE developmental talent Jemma Palmer.
She told host Brian Dowling: "I'm just going to be myself and give them a shake-up, they need a big slap round the chops."
Of surprising her sister, she added: "Hopefully she will be happy, but she might just kick off. There's a rivalry going on."

Maisy evicted

Maisy James has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother.
The Abercrombie and Fitch store model left the house, leaving rival Faye to last another week.
The 19-year-old, from Bromley, Kent, is the second contestant to leave the show this week, after Mark Henderson quit on Wednesday, saying he had had enough of being filmed and being "trapped".
As Maisy left, a new housemate was due to join the remaining contestants in the latest twist in the Channel 5 show.
Maisy left to a positive reception from the audience, shouting "I love you" as she was cheered and clapped.
The newcomer to the house was revealed as Faye's older sister, former WWE developmental talent Jemma Palmer.
She told host Brian Dowling: "I'm just going to be myself and give them a shake-up, they need a big slap round the chops."
Of surprising her sister, she added: "Hopefully she will be happy, but she might just kick off. There's a rivalry going on."

Friday, 7 October 2011

Louise and Jay get it on under the duvet

Big Brother glamour model Louise Cliffe has got hot and steamy under the covers with geordie housemate Jay.

Sexual tension between the pair had been rising before they snogged and fondled in bed earlier this week.

Mark quit the house on Wednesday but before he left he even gave the pair some CONDOMS.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Maisy James gets plane message from dad

The father of Big Brother contestant Maisy James sent a message to her - by flowing an aeroplane with a banner over the house.

Maisy became emotional when she saw the message but Big Brother called housemates from the garden back to the house as messages from the outside world are not allowed.

The banner that Maisy's dad flew over the Big Brother house

Friday, 30 September 2011

Heaven evicted from Big Brother house

Heaven has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Sexual chemistry fizzes as Aaron play fights on the bed with Faye

Aaron and Faye weren't on speaking terms earlier this week.
But yesterday they were flirting again with Aaron pinning her down on the bed for some sexually-charged play fighting.
Maisy meanwhile, Aaron's other flame, was reduced to wrestling with a fake gorilla added to the house for a task.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Louise Cliffe in cheesy pop song (Without her thick Mancunian accent)

Louise Cliffe bopped around in a pop song before she went in the Big Brother House.

The song with the group The Social Network is called Let's Face It featuring Louise Cliffe. The glamour model sings - without her thick Mancunian accent - and dances around in the video, which has the feel of a strange Japanese cartoon.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Housemates strip for naked conga and wrestling... but Faye and Louise keep their bars on

Mark Henderson streaked naked around the garden last night - followed by Thomas, Aaron and Anton.

The sales assistant removed all of his clothes to run around the garden in the buff and encouraged female wrestler Faye and model Louise to join him.

Louise and Faye stripped to their bras and jeans and held hands before jumping into the pool with their denim shorts and jeans on.

 Anton was quick to remove his clothes leaving just his white boxers on to get in on the action.

After fooling around in the pool for a while the group decided it was time for a bit of naked conga.

Mark lead the way, closely followed by a naked Tom, as they paraded through the bedroom soaking wet.

And as the boys approached a fully-clothed Alex they decided it was time for a group hug and rallied around her for some flesh-on-flesh action.

After shocking fellow housemates the boys decided a bit of naked wrestling wouldn’t go amiss.

The pair tackled Aaron, who didn’t seem too happy about being a human climbing frame for the two naked men.

The exhibitionists then jumped into the pool where they continued to frolic around and a boxer-clad Anton also joined them.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Love triangle in Big Brother house with Rebeckah, Mark and Aden

Housemates Mark Henderson and Aden Theobald may have a fight on their hands as club hostess, Rebeckah Vaughan, takes turns in 'cuddling' them both.

The blonde flirt appeared to have eyes for only Aden as they cuddled in the garden all morning resulting in Alex telling Aden he should 'toughen up a bit.'

But speaking earlier with Aaron, Aden insisted that he and Rebeckah are just friends, but admitted that he does have a thing for her but doesn't feel that it is mutual.

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Tashie Jackson's sex scene before BB: A bizarre online advert for men's razors

Tashie Jackson appeared in an online advert for men's grooming products before her Big
Brother appearance.

Tashie Jackson in the ad for men's shaving products

The brunette wears sultry lilac nightwear before ending up in a passionate embrace with Bedford RFC star Sacha Harding.  The online advert is for Bluebeards Revenge's shaving products.

The bizarre video sees Tashie walk into 'Sacha's Shave Emporium' to have him shave her legs.

The passionate embrace
Tashie in the lilac nightwear
 And after she tells him about her dilemma involving a married man, she begins kissing the hunky rugby player.

Tashie's hopes of furthering her media career suffered a blow when she received five votes for this week's nomination and broke down in tears.

Tashie in tears after being nominated for eviction... there goes her hopes of fame

Belly-dancing enthusiast Tashie picked up five votes and broke down into sobs of tears after learning she had been put up for nomination.

As her name was announced she put her hands to her face in shock before saying: ‘I told you. I told you.’
Tashi Jackson cries after being nominated for eviction
The group rallied around her as tears streamed down her face and Rebeckah did her best to try and comfort her.

She said: ‘So many people here love you Tashie, look how many people are around you now.

Father-of -one Aaron, 30, who also received five votes, didn’t appear too bothered by the possibility of eviction.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Aaron, Tashie and Harry are up for eviction

Aaron, Tashie and Harry are up for eviction.

Louise Cliffe topless in horror movie

Big Brother housemate Louise Cliffe has done a topless scene in a sexy horror movie.

The Manchester-born model straddled one of her co-stars while topless in gory thriller Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. 
Reality TV contestant Louise played college student Sophie James who stripped off in the 2009 flick, which was panned by critics, telling a pal: 'The girls need to breath.'

Louise's alter-ego then jumps on top of her co-star quizzing how much he likes her boobs.

----TO VIEW THE FULL SCENE CLICK HERE . (Though we're not responsible for the content on external sites)---

Could a Big Brother romp come next? Aden and Rebeckah cosy up under the covers

It has taken just 48 hours for love to blossom in the Big Brother house.
Aden, a psychology student who claims 'girls fall at my feet', was giving housemate Rebeckah a foot massage when she asked him into her bed.
The tattooed 18-year-old didn't exactly play hard to get, accepting the invitation immediately and climbing in under the covers.

Big Brother 2011 glamour model Louise Cliffe

Jay tries to chat up Pamela Anderson

Jay, Aden and Aaron decided they quite like dopey Mark even though he tends to “put his foot in his mouth a lot”, according to Aden.

This obviously hasn't gone unnoticed by the rest of housemates, the public and especially Pamela.

It has been no secret that Mark quite fancies Pamela but keeps saying the wrong thing, so the boys decided to help.

Jay suggested using a rhyme to woo the former Baywatch star

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Louise Cliffe: The model and Big Brother 2011 housemate

Louise Cliffe: The model and Big Brother 2011 housemate

Pictures of Louise Cliffe, the glamour model and actress in the Big Brother house

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Big Brother 2011: Louise Cliffe pictures

Big Brother 2011: Louise Cliffe pictures: Big Brother housemate and glamour model Louise Cliffe. Big Brother 2011's Megan Fox lookalike Louise Cliffe from Manchester...

For more sexy pictures of the hottest girl in the BB house Louise Cliffe see the page above ^^^^^^^^^

Pamela Anderson chooses Heaven as top housemate

Heaven will no doubt receive hell from her housemates after Pamela Anderson crowned her the top contestant.

The former Baywatch star entered the luxury abode as a surprise guest and was asked to select five contestants to party with her.

Along with the US bombshell, Tom, Tashie, Faye, Heaven and Louise were then treated to a decadent evening in the VIP area of the garden.

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Big Brother 2011 housemates

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Louise Cliffe

D.O.B: 09 December 1985

Home town: Manchester

Job: Model/Actress

Star sign: Sagittarius

Interesting fact:
She insists that she’s not a girly girl and says she enjoys drinking beer and eating chips and gravy whilst being able to keep her incredible figure.

Megan Fox lookalike Louise wanted to join the army before she started her modelling career.

The former Miss Manchester is proud to have won the title in an £8 dress and is looking for genuine friendships in the house.  A qualified legal secretary, 25 year old Louise thinks she could have done a lot better at school but says she was distracted by the boys in her class.  A geek at heart, Louise relaxes by watching shows like Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow and has starred in films herself, including a sci-fi film with Luke Goss.

Louise is hopeful to meet someone in the house as she has been single for over a year.  Her ideal man is David Gandy, the male model.

See more Louise Cliffe glamour pictures

Louise’s luxury items in the house would be chocolate, her personal shaver and her robe.  If awarded treats, she would love a dress-up party, music or a celebrity chef to come in and cook for the housemates.  Louise feels she is most likely to be nominated by her fellow housemates for her untidiness, eating all the food or jealousy from the other girls.

Louise Cliffe biography

Louise Cliffe is a model and contestant in the 2011 series of Big Brother. The 25-year-old has become one of the favourites to win the gameshow since it started in the UK in September .

Louise featured in a range of men's magazines such as Loaded, Maxim, FHM, Front, Zoo and Nuts before her Big Brother appearance. She has worked as an actress in minor productions. She played Sophie Delaney in the horror film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

In 2005, Louise took part in the reality TV series Candy Crib that featured glamour models living together in a house. The other Candy Girls who took part were Natalie Oxley, Jerri Byrne, Hannah Joy Lewis, Jodie Nicholls and Krystle Gohe.

Following the series Louise, quickly developed a reputation as one of the best glamour models in the world. She had a super-model like figure and a striking resemblance to Megan Fox.

Louise now looks set to embark on more success. The model has been predicted to launch a successful career in the U.S. Louise has also been signed up by lingerie company Victoria's Secret for swimwear ads. She now appears to have made the a successful switch from glamour modelling to commercial modelling.
Louise's appearnce in Big Brother comes at a time when she is looking to raise her profile and further her career in the media and in modelling.

She has made several attempt at major fame in the past. These include releasing a pop single in 2009 with The Social Network which was called 'Let's Face It'. The song is available on YouTube.

Louise has also appeared in films Charlie Noades and more recently in Annihilation Earth (Doomsday) which was released in 2010 by 20th Century Fox.

Although many contestants have emerged from Big Brother with an increased degree of fame, these are almost always people who were unknown before hand. Jade Goody and Chantelle Houghton are two sch examples.

Big Brother is likely to reveal more of Louise's character than the public will have seen during her modelling work. This is not always good for a model, particularly those whose poor intelligence is never seen, and in the case of Big Brother could do more harm than good to a reputation.

So far in the series, Louise has revealed that an ex-boyfriend dumped her because of her thick Mancunian accent. She has also professed a love for chips (french fries) and told Pamela Anderson that she is concerned about 'trumping' in front of the cameras.

Jay McKray

D.O.B: 29 March 1984

Home town: Newcastle

Job: Plumber/Fitness Instructor/DJ/Barber

Star sign: Aries

Interesting fact:
Last year he was rated the best looking lad inNewcastlein a local competition.

27 year old Jay loves the gym, the ladies and is a fan of the perma-tan.

He would cite his occupation as plumber, fitness instructor, DJ and barber.  He stays in shape by working out six days a week which keeps him in good condition for hitting the clubs. Jay names his mum as his “best pal”.

Jay’s dream job would be either a singer, rapper or presenter like his idol Keith Lemon.  Currently, Jay MCs and freestyles at clubs inNewcastleevery week.

He doesn’t tolerate bullies and says that a clean house will make him happy.  He is excited about the tasks in the house and says he is up for anything.

Faye Palmer

D.O.B: 02 November 1991

Home town: Tamworth

Job: Wrestler

Star sign: Scorpio

Interesting fact:
Her party tricks range from turning her tongue upside down to impersonating accents from around the world.

19 year old Faye is a competitive wrestler who’s professional name is Darcy Steele.  Since leaving university the gorgeous young wrestler has dedicated her life to her career and is unashamedly self-congratulatory and used to being admired.

Faye describes herself as the kind of person that girls would despise and boys would drool over.  She knows how to manipulate men and is prepared to be hated by the other girls in the house.

She goes to the gym twice a day and lives on a strict diet regime, claiming to spend all her earnings on food and protein.  Faye says that falling in love is “more hassle than its worth” and wants to prove in the house that pretty girls can have a personality as well as looks.

Faye has a phobia of spiders, clowns, small spaces and balloons and is scared of the dark.  She thinks she will be nominated for being a picky eater or for being too much of a joker.

Anton Murphy

D.O.B: 01 October 1987

Home town: Croydon

Job: Musician

Star sign: Libra

Interesting fact:
According to Anton he doesn't have to chat up women, he just approaches girls and uses humour

Anton is single and considers himself confident, charismatic, educated and mature for his years.  He runs a record label and produces his own music from his studio inLondon.

The 23 year old grew up in Peckham and is very proud of his achievements in his life so far.  He went to a private school and studied at a top university.  Anton is lucky in love and doesn’t chat up women, saying that he just has to approach girls and they fall for his humour and good looks.  In a girl, he looks for dark hair, dark eyes, a tan and a mysterious personality.  If Anton had one day left on earth, he says he would love to take Cheryl Cole on a date and show her the night of her life.

In the house, Anton says he is most likely to annoy other housemates by snoring.  Winning is essential to him and he believes he will be the people’s champion.

Rebeckah Vaughan

D.O.B: 24 May 1983

Home town: Wirral

Job: Hostess/Entrepreneur

Star sign: Gemini

Interesting fact:
In her spare time, Rebeckah runs a dance school for underprivileged children and also works with the Samaritans.  Ideally, she would like a job where she gives something back.

28 year old Rebeckah works as a club hostess.  She enjoys the finer things in life and is most proud of buying herself a detached house with six bedrooms. She has a walk-in wardrobe which she fills with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of clothes, bags and shoes.

The three things that make her happy are “financial security, being pretty and knowing stuff”. The three things that make her most angry are “arrogance, arrogance and arrogance”.

Rebeckah describes herself as claustrophobic and an insomniac who only sleeps four hours per night.  She doesn’t think true love exists; Rebeckah does want to get married and have kids but thinks it won’t happen because she has no faith in men.

Rebeckah wants to be in Big Brother because it offers her the chance to change her life.  Rebeckah is hopeful that her Big Brother experience will teach her to trust other people and says she will take cigarettes into the house to trade, even though she doesn’t smoke.

Harry Blake

D.O.B: 05 August 1988

Home town: Cheshire

Job: Marketing Director/Business Investor

Star sign: Leo

Interesting fact:
An interesting fact about Harry is that he claims to have bigger hands than anyone else he has ever met and doesn’t have a sense of smell.

Young, rich entrepreneur Harry considers himself upper class and says he is “150% Conservative”.  The 22 year old runs three businesses and aims to be a millionaire at 25 and retire aged 35. Harry says: “all you’ve got to do is put in the work, like trying to get a six pack in the gym.”

Harry lists Chinese Kick Boxing and looking after his race horses as his hobbies.  He is in a relationship but says when it comes to females; his type of girl is tall, slim, brunette and must like the countryside.

Harry enjoys the outdoors and says he would love to find a fellow lover of country pursuits in the house.  He recently broke his ankle whilst skinny dipping in a friend’s moat.

Harry hopes to bring “a touch of class” to the house.  Winning is everything to Harry.  He says he won’t be happy unless he makes it to the final.

Alex Rose

D.O.B: 06 November 1992

Home town: South Shields

Job: Crew Member at McDonalds

Star sign: Scorpio

Interesting fact:
Alex owns a convertible with ‘Barbie’ emblazoned across the side and loves her gay Chihuahua, Tinkerbelle.

Alex describes herself as a one-of-a-kind-pink-obsessed-Geordie who wants to be taken seriously.  Alex previously worked as a flight-attendant.  She is teetotal and always picks guys that treat her like a princess; she loves to be spoiled.  She thinks that one day she will marry Dappy from N-Dubz and she would love to find romance in the house.

She says that building a school classroom in Uganda is one of the proudest moments of her life and that she is really competitive; to her winning is everything.

Alex describes herself as a cake: “soft, pretty and pink on the outside but when you bite into me I will turn sour”.  Alex claims to hold grudges and never apologises saying “I don’t make mistakes, I’m a perfect person”.

She would love a spray tan as a reward in the house but would not like to be made to eat anything strange as part of a task.

Aden Theobald

D.O.B: 31 August 1992

Home town: Enfield

Job: Student

Star sign: Virgo

Interesting fact:
Interesting facts about Aden include his foot fetish for stilettos and pedicured feet with red or black nail varnish. He also claims to be able to fit his whole fist in his mouth as a result of his rubber-like cheeks.

Aden is studying to be a psychiatrist and labels himself as a “cool nerd” with an IQ of over 160.  The 18 year old intellectual is entering the house to prove to his family that he has matured and is able to make the right decisions for himself.

The self-confessed ladies man describes himself as a player who is very attractive to the opposite sex, but also “the kindest person you would ever meet”.Aden says that he would love to find his soul mate in the house. However, he often finds his image is at odds with his clever, thoughtful character which he hopes will win over the ladies

Aden believes Big Brother is the ultimate TV experience and feels he will make a great addition to the house because of his skills in the kitchen.  However, he won’t have any time for bad mannered people - they will wind him up.

Tashie Jackson

D.O.B: 09 January 1990

Home town: Oxford

Job: Singer & Actress

Star sign: Capricorn

Interesting fact:
Tashie has self-diagnosed OCD and is obsessed with putting any item of food that she buys in sandwich bags, for fear of contamination.

Tashie says her personality swings between ditzy and brainy.  Multi-lingual Tashie speaks five languages and is a keen belly dancer who has performed in music videos.  A competitive gymnast, she appeared as an extra in a Harry Potter movie.

Teetotal Tashie loves being the sober one on a night out.  She appreciates the respect she gets for not drinking and is happy that it allows her to keep on top of her game.

She believes girls feel insecure around her as they see her as competition and ultimately a threat.  Her ideal man is hunky and muscly and she likes a man to do the chasing.

Tashie feels she might be evicted for being too over the top, too opinionated and too hot.  She hopes to show people she is talented and can be an inspiration to other girls.

Thomas O'Connell

D.O.B: 07 November 1990

Home town: Solihull

Job: Sales Assitant

Star sign: Scorpio

Interesting fact:
Thomas hasn’t been in love before and one of the things he dislikes in life is not having a relationship. Thomas isn’t looking for love but if it happened, he would pursue it.

Mika lookalike Thomas describes himself as funny, talkative and infectiously energetic.  He studied Psychology before dropping out of university after finding it dull and went on to become a retail sales assistant.  20 year old Thomas admits to being a party animal and loves dancing and being the centre of attention.  Self-confident, he says he once challenged Ms Dynamite to a dance-off but she declined because “clearly she knew she’d lose”.  He says that sometimes he mimes along to sad songs in the mirror and is so good that he can move himself to tears.

Thomas’ luxury items are hairspray and wax but he says he won’t be preening himself especially for the cameras – he wants to treat the house as his home and says he won’t feel the need to dress up while he is in there.

Thomas won’t like people who sleep the day away and he can be quite nosy, asking too many questions. He thinks this may put off his fellow housemates.

Heaven Africa

D.O.B: 10 October 1980

Home town: London

Job: Model/Holistic healer
Star sign: Libra

Interesting fact:

Heaven’s pet hates are people leaving hair in the sink and shower and says she likes things to be clean.

30 year old Heaven has been modelling since the age of nine and is now a holistic healer.  She describes herself as “a different species, certainly not human” and wants to heal the world with a hug.

Heaven had dreams of becoming a forensic psychologist and Prime Minister but didn’t finish her GCSEs.  She has lived alone for the past seven years but is hopeful to meet a steady strong man and have seven children.

She writes and performs poetry and is currently writing a novel, dreaming that one day it will be published.  Heaven says that if she had one day left on Earth, she would “do a skydive, a bungee jump, get on a plane and travel somewhere really exotic”.

Heaven has been a vegan for five years and is unsure of how she would cope in the house with so many other mouths to feed.  She says she would only cook meat for the other housemates to keep them happy.

On her feelings about the house, Heaven says: “I’m a winner no matter what, but I’m determined to take the crown at all costs!”

Maisy James

D.O.B: 26 July 1992

Home town: Kent

Job: Store Assistant

Star sign: Leo

Interesting fact:
Likes to climb trees and walk around the house naked with heels on. She can do the limbo so well that her head touches the ground.

19 year old single Maisy is an aspiring presenter and actress who currently works as an Abercrombie and Fitch store model.  Maisy describes herself as “naturally clever, self assured and confident” but is ambitious to do even better. She says that “being a success is the only thing that will make me happy in life”.  Attention seeker Maisy claims that she doesn’t get on well with other girls as they are often jealous of her and she gets offended when people say she is ditzy: “Just because I’m blonde and like to dress nice, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”

Her party trick is the limbo and she does this so well that her head touches the floor.  Maisy wouldn’t say no to a Big Brother romance, saying that she still hasn’t met her Mr Right and is usually the ‘dumper’ in relationships as she gets bored very easily.  Maisy says she won’t be bringing any cooking skills to the house as her speciality is beans on toast and she is extremely untidy.

Aaron Allard-Morgan

D.O.B: 20 November 1980

Home town: Weston-Super-Mare

Job: Contract Manager/Ladies Man

Star sign: Scorpio

Interesting fact:
Aaron is on a crusade to rid the world of swearing and likes to manipulate people into doing what he wants.

30 year old lothario Aaron cut his 10 day holiday in Ibiza short when he found out he’d made the Big Brother line-up. Father of one, Aaron, loves his hair and claims to cry every time he has it cut.

Aaron’s perfect job would be a professional football manager or Prime Minister, although he gets incredibly frustrated by politics.  He also lists singing as one of this hobbies saying: “I don’t profess to be great but if I was on the X Factor, I’d probably come third”.

Aaron says he should be careful in the house as he falls out with people all the time.  He says he is a passive not aggressive character and believes he will get the world watching his every move.

Mark Henderson

D.O.B: 24 November 1982

Home town: Berkshire

Job: Sales

Star sign: Sagittarius

Interesting fact:
Mark once worked in Italy as part of a touring show where he dressed as a tiger

28 year old Mark is single and currently works as a sales assistant.  The self-confessed motor-mouth describes himself as “a modern day Jester”.  Mark has a soft spot for animals and has a pet tortoise. He once even resuscitated a dead frog from his neighbour’s garden.  He says he has a phobia of egg-whites, stating “I don’t like the way it moves”.

He is accident-prone and loves to play pranks. He once snorted chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup and ended up in casualty.  He also wore a clown costume to give a speech at his best mate’s wedding.

When it comes to relationships, Mark’s last girlfriend was two years ago and he says he is looking for love in the house.  Mark likes to keep himself amused and would like to take an electric scooter into the house.

Big Brother housemates 2011

Big Brother housemates 2011

The definitive list of the big brother housemates

Big Brother 2011 housemates

Just as we were getting over Celebrity Big Brother 2011, Pamela Anderson joined the 14 new housemates introduced by Brian Dowling in the Big Brother house. So who are these willing wannabes?

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Big Brother opening show

Big Brother 2011 has began. There are 14 housemates. It is on Channel 5. All young housemates compared with previous years when there would be more of a mix of ages.