Saturday, 10 September 2011

Aden Theobald

D.O.B: 31 August 1992

Home town: Enfield

Job: Student

Star sign: Virgo

Interesting fact:
Interesting facts about Aden include his foot fetish for stilettos and pedicured feet with red or black nail varnish. He also claims to be able to fit his whole fist in his mouth as a result of his rubber-like cheeks.

Aden is studying to be a psychiatrist and labels himself as a “cool nerd” with an IQ of over 160.  The 18 year old intellectual is entering the house to prove to his family that he has matured and is able to make the right decisions for himself.

The self-confessed ladies man describes himself as a player who is very attractive to the opposite sex, but also “the kindest person you would ever meet”.Aden says that he would love to find his soul mate in the house. However, he often finds his image is at odds with his clever, thoughtful character which he hopes will win over the ladies

Aden believes Big Brother is the ultimate TV experience and feels he will make a great addition to the house because of his skills in the kitchen.  However, he won’t have any time for bad mannered people - they will wind him up.

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