Saturday, 10 September 2011

Harry Blake

D.O.B: 05 August 1988

Home town: Cheshire

Job: Marketing Director/Business Investor

Star sign: Leo

Interesting fact:
An interesting fact about Harry is that he claims to have bigger hands than anyone else he has ever met and doesn’t have a sense of smell.

Young, rich entrepreneur Harry considers himself upper class and says he is “150% Conservative”.  The 22 year old runs three businesses and aims to be a millionaire at 25 and retire aged 35. Harry says: “all you’ve got to do is put in the work, like trying to get a six pack in the gym.”

Harry lists Chinese Kick Boxing and looking after his race horses as his hobbies.  He is in a relationship but says when it comes to females; his type of girl is tall, slim, brunette and must like the countryside.

Harry enjoys the outdoors and says he would love to find a fellow lover of country pursuits in the house.  He recently broke his ankle whilst skinny dipping in a friend’s moat.

Harry hopes to bring “a touch of class” to the house.  Winning is everything to Harry.  He says he won’t be happy unless he makes it to the final.

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