Thursday, 15 September 2011

Housemates strip for naked conga and wrestling... but Faye and Louise keep their bars on

Mark Henderson streaked naked around the garden last night - followed by Thomas, Aaron and Anton.

The sales assistant removed all of his clothes to run around the garden in the buff and encouraged female wrestler Faye and model Louise to join him.

Louise and Faye stripped to their bras and jeans and held hands before jumping into the pool with their denim shorts and jeans on.

 Anton was quick to remove his clothes leaving just his white boxers on to get in on the action.

After fooling around in the pool for a while the group decided it was time for a bit of naked conga.

Mark lead the way, closely followed by a naked Tom, as they paraded through the bedroom soaking wet.

And as the boys approached a fully-clothed Alex they decided it was time for a group hug and rallied around her for some flesh-on-flesh action.

After shocking fellow housemates the boys decided a bit of naked wrestling wouldn’t go amiss.

The pair tackled Aaron, who didn’t seem too happy about being a human climbing frame for the two naked men.

The exhibitionists then jumped into the pool where they continued to frolic around and a boxer-clad Anton also joined them.

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