Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rebeckah Vaughan

D.O.B: 24 May 1983

Home town: Wirral

Job: Hostess/Entrepreneur

Star sign: Gemini

Interesting fact:
In her spare time, Rebeckah runs a dance school for underprivileged children and also works with the Samaritans.  Ideally, she would like a job where she gives something back.

28 year old Rebeckah works as a club hostess.  She enjoys the finer things in life and is most proud of buying herself a detached house with six bedrooms. She has a walk-in wardrobe which she fills with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of clothes, bags and shoes.

The three things that make her happy are “financial security, being pretty and knowing stuff”. The three things that make her most angry are “arrogance, arrogance and arrogance”.

Rebeckah describes herself as claustrophobic and an insomniac who only sleeps four hours per night.  She doesn’t think true love exists; Rebeckah does want to get married and have kids but thinks it won’t happen because she has no faith in men.

Rebeckah wants to be in Big Brother because it offers her the chance to change her life.  Rebeckah is hopeful that her Big Brother experience will teach her to trust other people and says she will take cigarettes into the house to trade, even though she doesn’t smoke.

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