Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tashie Jackson's sex scene before BB: A bizarre online advert for men's razors

Tashie Jackson appeared in an online advert for men's grooming products before her Big
Brother appearance.

Tashie Jackson in the ad for men's shaving products

The brunette wears sultry lilac nightwear before ending up in a passionate embrace with Bedford RFC star Sacha Harding.  The online advert is for Bluebeards Revenge's shaving products.

The bizarre video sees Tashie walk into 'Sacha's Shave Emporium' to have him shave her legs.

The passionate embrace
Tashie in the lilac nightwear
 And after she tells him about her dilemma involving a married man, she begins kissing the hunky rugby player.

Tashie's hopes of furthering her media career suffered a blow when she received five votes for this week's nomination and broke down in tears.

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